About Us 

Two 30-year veteran Wall Street analysts have taken on secret identities in order to freely provide a handful of candid stock recommendations each week. As veterans of well known Wall Street firms, you have seen them quoted in the press and their faces on TV, but their employers would never allow their unvarnished views on these stocks on the air, so we’ve electronically altered their voices so they’ll never know! The Value Guys! will examine, well more like casually glance at, stocks in the news and offer an “after-hours” view of a few favorites.

Listen to Val and Moe Talk About Stocks After Work and Find Out:

  • Did Val Add a New Stock to Val’s Best Picks Portfolio?
  • Which Ideas Has Val Bought Himself?
  • Which Stock Will Moe Think Has the Best Momentum?
  • Will Val use a calculator? or the Internet?
  • Is This Show even Mildly Interesting Whatsoever to Anyone Besides Our Paid Relatives?
  • Candid After Hours Wall Street Advice For Free

    Sixty-hour work weeks give The Value Guys! no time for real hobbies. This stock market talk show is our only chance to get out of the house and give something back to the community without actually learning anything new! Sitting around after work, drinking and talking about stock ideas is something we’ve been doing for more than 30 years. Now you’re in on it!


    The Value Guys have MBAs from good schools, extensive Wall Street experience and the skills to offer a serious professional review of the market and individual stocks. The Value Guys have advised the best portfolio managers at the biggest firms and have provided valuation advice to Chairmen and CEOs in dozens of capital markets transactions. Their employers would not be appreciative of their on-air candor, so we want to be clear that we create these shows on weekends as a hobby and for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY! We sincerely hope you find value in this effort, and if not, don’t tell us, we’re sensitive!

    Who Are the Value Guys!?

    We are career Wall Street analysts with strong opinions that get watered down by committees
    filled with stuffed shirts and bureaucrats. We’re paid too much to complain about it at work, so
    we’ve gone underground to give you our unvarnished opinions without fear of being fired!

    The Value Guys’ current mission is to offer at least three new value ideas each week, and very
    little else. Our entirely off-the-cuff weekend opinions are based on many years of experience,
    strongly held convictions and very little actual analytical work, so USE WITH CAUTION. Please
    assume we have no idea what we’re talking about and that we may be completely making up
    everything we say. All of our comments on this show are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!

    Ordinarily, when we’re at work, our professional opinions are based on a careful evaluation of
    business fundamentals. Unfortunately, here on the show we pay far less attention to that than
    we should. During the workweek we carefully examine such keystones to intrinsic value as return
    on invested capital, free cash flow yield, liquidation value, market share trends, potential for
    revenue growth and margin expansion. Again, unfortunately for listeners, we may pay no attention
    to that whatsoever here on the show. Because weekend stock discussions are just a hobby and
    we’re often sleepy (or worse) after a long workweek , we may completely forget to analyze some
    extremely critical element of a stock’s value. We may, in fact, be drinking heavily – so BE WARNED
    and BEWARE! OOPS.! Obviously, our opinions about stock price movements will usually be very,
    very, very, very wrong! We may or may not own shares in the stocks we talk about. We may or
    may not have enormously lucrative arrangements with the management teams of the stocks we
    talk about. (We wish!)

    The Value Guys! offer these shows as a public service with the hope that value investors might view us as a source of new ideas for your inbox.